Model Train Repair offers expert repair and innovative design services for model train collectors and enthusiasts. Our services include:

  • Model Train Cleaning and Lubrication
    Basic maintenance is key to keeping your model trains running smoothly for years to come. Trains should be cleaned every few years if in daily use or every three to five years if operated seasonally.

  • Model Train Repairs
    If your train won't run, there is likely a mechanical or electrical problem in the motor that can be fixed. Whether your train has been dropped or has simply gone unused for many years, we have the expertise to quickly diagnose problems and to make the necessary repairs. Our expert diagnostic, repair and custom design capabilities are available at an affordable rate: $25 per hour, $15 shipping plus the cost of parts.

    NEW! Model Train Repair now offers DCC installation!
    an exciting new and growing part of model railroading.
    Click here to find out more.

  • Custom Painting
    Our custom painting services are available to those with chipped train cars in need of a touch-up and to those who envision completely new paint applications featuring custom railroad logos, corporate designs, or other themes.
  • Model Train Layout Design and Construction
    If you envision a model train layout that fits your space or that reflects your tastes and personality, turn to us for custom model train layouts. We will design a layout based on your specifications, construct it, and even install it on your premises if needed. Free estimates are available for your indoor or outdoor residential display or commercial installation.
  • Custom Model Train Accessories
    From trees and scenery to buildings, we offer design, construction and custom painting services that will enable you to add the model train accessory you dream of to your layout. Our accessories range from simple trees constructed of cedar shingles and lichen to more elaborate structures.

  • Resoldering

  • Custom Building of Locomotive Kits